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An easy, fun and engaging transition into school is vital for your child.

At sKids, we provide the environment, experience and support your child needs to take this big step with confidence!

Making new friends

When kids form bonds with each other, it makes the transition to primary school, so much easier. They'll meet familiar faces and feel a sense of belonging, as soon as they start school.

Having fun and building life skills

New experiences and shared challenges build confidence and resilience. It's a fundamental part of how kids look at the world, socialise and learn. Making each experience fun, plays a huge part on how we do it!

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Turning a Big Step, into a smaller one

Starting school with familiar faces and comfortable environments helps make the big step, into a smaller one.

Give your child a

head start!

Did you know that as soon as your child is 5, they can attend a sKids holiday programme?
Attending our Summer Holiday Programme can support your child in establishing friends at the programme and give them a head start to the school year before it has even started!
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Resources to help you get your child ready for the big day!