Introducing Holiday HQ,the ultimate holiday destination.

Holiday HQ is the ultimate destination for kids looking for an unforgettable break from the school routine. From exciting outdoor escapades to creative workshops, cooking classes and interactive learning sessions – our expert programme team provide a dynamic blend of engaging activities and enriching experiences.

  What’s New?

Our holiday programmes are now called Holiday HQ. Each day focuses on a different theme, with a range of exciting activities happening each day! From arts and crafts, to sports and STEM – we’ve made sure no two days are the same and that there’s something for everyone!

What’s on these Winter Holidays?

Get ready for Holiday HQ Games*

While all eyes will be on Paris for the world’s biggest sporting event, we will be bringing the excitement straight to you! Join us for an action-packed holiday programme, where every day brings the chance to earn medals in a series of fun and thrilling activities.

*Running at select sKids services. Please check with your local service to find out the schedule of the Holiday HQ Programme.
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Check out some of the Holiday HQ Games activities on offer

Opening Ceremony with Olympians Liam Malone and Camille French:

Join us for an exciting virtual hangout with 2 x Paralympic gold medallist Liam Malone and Camille French who is competing in the Paris 2024
Marathon event. Hear all about their incredible journeys, from childhood adventures to making the New Zealand Olympic Teams.

Global Passport Creation:

Embark on a cultural journey as you create
your own global passport! Discover fascinating facts about different countries – and don’t forget to get your passport stamped!

Athletics Carnival:

Join us for a day packed with exciting events that will challenge your skills and teamwork, while having plenty of fun along the way.

Join the experts in fun these holidays!

At Holiday HQ, we are the experts in fun. This is the ultimate destination where kids get to build new friendships, explore their interests and return to school with unforgettable memories.

With a new theme everyday ranging from sports to STEM, we’ve made sure no two days will be same, with fun for everyone!

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Join the experts in FUN at Holiday HQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have to have a sKids Programme at your school to attend a sKids Holiday Programme! Your child can attend most sKids programmes across the country. We may have schools that don’t allow outside students, please contact your local sKids to confirm.

Even if your child attends a sKids during the school term, you are welcome to go to another sKids for the holidays, to help mix things up and see new environments.

For any days onsite, we have a 1:10 ratio at all times.

On trip days out in our community, we have a ratio of 1:8.

Higher risk activities such as swimming requires more supervision, so we have a 1:4 ratio.

If your child requires medication or has allergies our teams should be aware of, please ensure you add all the necessary details on the safety form when you make a booking. Any medication you give permission for our teams to administer, will be logged and tracked for you.

After a 5 minute grace period, we charge $1 per minute for late pick ups. Short sessions will be automatically charged at the longer session if the time exceeds 15 minutes.

We will never leave a child alone and unattended. If your child is not picked up within 15 minutes of the programme closing, we will call parents/caregivers and emergency contacts. If we cannot reach any contacts within an hour of the programme closing, the Programme Manager/Franchise Owner will call the police and Oranga Tamariki for advice.

Please contact your local sKids team before you enrol, if your child has a disability or a special need. The more information you supply to us, the better informed and prepared we are able to be in providing effective and adequate care for your child.

The ability of any particular programme to accommodate the needs of your child is determined by the requirements of your child, the facilities available, and qualifications and availability of staff associated with that particular programme.

We are proud that in most cases we can accommodate a variety of needs. Please be aware that a trial period may be required for assessment purposes; this will be done jointly by the sKids Centre Manager/Franchise Owner to ensure that your childs’ needs are being met adequately.

Our staff undergo a recruitment process that involves a recruitment interview, reference checks and police checks. Prior to working as well as on an ongoing basis, we require the following training courses in sKids Induction, First aid, Health and Safety, Child Protection, Behaviour Management and Food Safety.

Our fees vary at each sKids site, please visit our locations page, and find the activity you’d like to know more about.

Each programme is qualified to receive an OSCAR Subsidy. Qualifying families can apply through Work and Income New Zealand. To find out more on the OSCAR Subsidy and to check if you might qualify, visit our OSCAR Subsidy page.