Welcome to our sKids Centre @ Milford, where the safety and care of your child is our number one priority. If you’re looking for a safe, structured and fun environment for your children then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s all about having lots of FUN and your kids will have so much fun at our sKids Centre that they won’t want to leave.

We have been operating in the Milford School Hall since 2011. The families in MIlford School have been close to us and we treat each other like family. We have seen 5 year old through Year 6 and have been enjoying our job since!

We believe that the future depends on the experiences children have. We have developed programmes that are play based that have different varieties- from culture, science, technology, arts and crafts, sports and active games.

Karl was a professional production designer from theatre, film and the advertising industry. He was a Junior Golfer and an avid basketball fanatic. Kay on the other hand had several jobs in Marketing, Advertising, Television and once operated a big conglomerate of companies.

A write up about the programme owners: http://nzpbc.com/node/67

Our Daily Routine and Programme:

Your children will be assigned to a team leader who will look after your child throughout the year that your child is with us. This means there is a constant relationship amongst the staff member and child. This dedicated team leader is familiar with your child’s profile and if there are any medical conditions.

Roll Call 3-310pm

Afternoon tea 310-330pm

Homework 330-4pm

Activity 4-5pm

Free Play 5-530pm

Clean Up 530-6pm

Please call/ text onsite phone number for absences atleast 2 hours prior to our start: +642102230650

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For more information about our programmes please contact us.

  • Programme Owner – Karl Reyes
  • Mobile – 02102597721
  • For Booking and Invoices – Susan
  • Mobile – +61414434 148

Please call/ text onsite phone number for absences: +64 21 022 30650

Email – karlkay@skids.co.nz

Post: PO Box 31634, Milford, Auckland 0741


To find out more about the programmes we offer and our opening hours please call or email us.

  • 2018 Term 1 Holiday Programme Flyer | download
  • 2018 Term 2 Activities Flyer | download
  • 2018 Term 2 Daily Planner | download


All fees are based on your booking requirements with full time, part time and casual options available.

Please contact us directly for more information about fees.

All our programmes are OSCAR approved by the Ministry of Social Development and thus parents may be able to apply for Work and Income OSCAR subsidies towards the cost of their childcare. Eligible families could pay as little as $2.00 per day.

Come and visit us onsite to discuss your requirements.


What our parents and kids say

“Hi Kay,Thank you very much for all your hard work to keep after school activities interesting – I think you are doing a wonderful job! Splitting Juniors and Seniors is a great idea as they are certainly in different development stages. Nicole & Kyle love attending Skids. Keep up the good work and thanks again to you and the whole team. Kind regards,” – Corne Goosen

“Hi Kay, There has been alot of improvement since you have taken over which makes life much easier for working parents.  I have spoken to a few parents who are very pleased with all the changes being made. Everything is looking really good.Thanks very much.” – Coral

“The holiday programme is fantastic and a credit to both you and Karl!  Marika loves going…she’s excited to go, excited when she gets home to tell me about her day and always knows what the next days activity is.  Makes dropping her off so much less stressful when you know your baby is having fun!”- Louise Haydon

“May i also take this opportunity to say thank you so much for running such a fantastic after school program, Myriam has enjoyed every minute of it and i’m always confident with SKIDS that she is in a caring & safe environment. Keep up the good work and i wouldnt hesitate to recommend SKIDS Milford to any of my friends in the future.”- Amira Moaz

Waitemata District Health Board article written for us says:

Handy holiday programme

Because it is close to North Shore Hospital, parents don’t need to leave work too early to pick up their children, and so don’t have to pay late penalty fees.

Waitemata DHB staff who have used the programme in the past, and will do so again, say its proximity makes a huge difference for them – it starts at 8am and they can get to work just after that.  It “feels professionally done and set-up”, is “well supervised” and the “kids interact with the staff – my daughter doesn’t want to come home with me when I pick her up”.  “I just like them because I trust them.”