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For more information about our programmes please contact us.

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To find out more about the programmes we offer and our opening hours please call or email us.

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All fees are based on your booking requirements with full time, part time and casual options available.

Please contact us directly for more information about fees.

All our programmes are OSCAR approved by the Ministry of Social Development and thus parents may be able to apply for Work and Income OSCAR subsidies towards the cost of their childcare. Eligible families could pay as little as $2.00 per day.

Come and visit us onsite to discuss your requirements.

Welcome to our sKids Centre @ Howick, where the safety and care of your child is our number one priority. If you’re looking for a safe, structured and fun environment for your children then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s all about having lots of FUN and your kids will have so much fun at our sKids Centre that they won’t want to leave. 

Before School, After School or during the Holidays SKIDS will keep your children safe and happy.

Our programme includes Afternoon tea, Homework session, Supervised freeplay and a range of pre-planned activities that cover Art & Craft, Music & Drama, Sports & Games, Technology & Cooking and lots and lots of FUN !!!

Before School Care includes breakfast from 7am to 8.30am

After School programme starts from 3pm to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Holiday Programme booking options include Short Days (7am-3pm), Full Days (7am-6pm) or Trip Days (7am-6pm).

We’ll feed them, help them with their home work, let them play then do a fun activity with  so you can rest assured that they are safe, secure and having the time of their life.

To find out more about the programmes we offer and our opening hours please call or email us.

Check out our new term 1 planner. It’s JAMMED Pack with awesome themes and activities. Click on the programmes tab and select ‘This Terms Activities!’

sKids Active

We also have sKids Active programme for kids who want to experience and enhance there sports skills set during our after school programme.

We have Basketball, Rugby, Touch Rugby, Netball, Volley Ball, Tennis etc. These are some of the great skills programme we can offer afterschool. Let’s us know which skill set programme you want your child to be on?

Food Storm Cooking Programme

Welcome to our cooking programme Food Storm. We’re offering cooking lessons to all kids enrolled into after school programme one day a week. Each programme runs for 8 weeks till the end of each term. This programme runs closely to the National Culanary Cooking Competition. It’s a stepping stone for kids that want to be future chefs one day. We’ve had one of our sKids kids who came runner up to last years culinary cooking competition.

Let us know if you wish to enrol your kids into food storm programme. Simply email through or speak to the programme manager on site.

0800 274 172  or

Work & Income NZ OSCAR subsidies are available – check their website



Good day Amazing team, I must admit I was one of those parents who was very hesitant but keeping an open mind, and you guys really made a huge impression on me and my kids. SKIDS at Howick Primary is really amazing. Never thought you would top the previous program, but my kids had so much fun! You offer a variety of activities for the kids so its current and fun. And never the less as a solo mum with 3 kids something like you giving them snacks really help me take away the stress of wondering what to feed them. Your team is just amazing, getting involved with the kids, I love it. My kids said this is the BEST Holiday program ever and they been to a few. Thank you so much, you guys are so accommodating and patient even when I had to do my part. I cannot express enough how happy I am, and never the less when the staff asked after the Holiday program was over asking how my son was, that really surprised me, cause it means they actually thinking about kids and who attended even not being in Primary anymore. Again no complaints, it was a process to get it all sorted but very happy with SKIDS HOWICK. You make my life easier, and I feel happy and feel my kids are safe.