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Learning to cook young leads to life long health & well being

In 2018, we were lucky enough to have a new business pal, Nestlé New Zealand.  Like sKids, convinced learning to cook healthy young would lead to life long health and well being, Nestlé became sponsors of FoodStorm.  Together we developed a special Collectors Edition of recipes which let children cook their way through 10 different recipes while learning about healthy eating in a fun and engaging way. Each module teaches kids about the importance of healthy eating with topics including “eat your water” and “fun with portions” while getting hands-on experience with food preparation and cooking skills.

1,100 children across 65 sKids centres around New Zealand enjoyed the opportunity to tackle the 10 N4HK Foodstorm Collectors Edition Recipes. This initiative received widespread support from foodies, nutrition experts and sporting champions alike, with the Heart Foundation approving the recipes.

A special launch event with Don Buck Primary school sKids kids was attended by Rob Waddell, Olympic Champion; Sophie Gray, Bauer Food Editor; Lily Henderson Heart Foundation National Nutrition Advisor, NZ Nutrition Foundation Sarah Hanrahan, Nestlé NZ CEO, Christian Abboud and sKids CEO, Dawn Engelbrecht.

Nestlé & sKids recognised for ‘Excellence in Collaboration‘ at 2019 TVNZ Marketing Awards

It was incredibly rewarding to be recognised in the 2019 TVNZ Marketing Awards for winning ‘Best Marketing Collaboration”.  The judges comments “these organisations need to be applauded for the valuable work they are doing for Kiwi Kids”.

Kids swap classroom for kitchen  : Feed your Whanau: free in-school cooking programme

In 2019 Nestlé and Safe Kids in Daily Supervision (sKids) launched Feed your Whanau, a free in-school cooking and nutrition programme for primary schools, aiming to educate and empower kids with the skills and confidence to cook at home.  The programme is based on research that as much as parents would love their kids to cook at home, 27 per cent of parents admit their children never help with cooking at home, lack of time being one of the reasons.

The four-week programme, called Feed Your Whanau, is aimed at teaching kids healthy eating habits and cooking skills in a fun environment. At the end of the programme, students get a take home kit which includes ingredients so that they can put their learning into action and serve up a meal for their family.

Written for teachers, and aligned to the New Zealand school curriculum, Feed Your Whanau covers four fun and engaging topics:

  • Introduction to a healthy meal, including food groups and daily servings
  • How to grow and care for produce at home
  • The importance of eating a ‘rainbow’ diet for good nutrition
  • Hygiene and kitchen safety; and, at-home cooking with family

  • In 2019, 2500 kiwi kids experienced Feed Your Whanau.
  • For 2020, another 2000 will experience Feed Your Whanau.


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