Six easy, low-cost Father’s Day gifts for your kids to make and do

August 20, 20190

Advertising campaigns might try to tell you otherwise, but there is no need to shell out for another pair of socks or a set of barbecue tools to let your kids’ dad know he is loved.

But what to make? Well, there are thousands of homemade gift ideas online, but for some reason a good number of them involve business tie cards and tired old handprint paintings – cute for babies, but we think your kids can do better!

Here are our top six Father’s Day ideas that won’t cost more than a few dollars and will get your kids thinking, making and doing.

Interview sheet about dad

You may have seen this idea doing the rounds on social media. It is very simple: ask your children some questions about dad and record the answers. Seeing your children’s verbatim quotes in print can be sweet and funny. To find a printable version, just google ‘father’s day interview sheets’ and find one that suits your family best, or you could make your own.

Some sample questions might be:

My dad is ____ years old.

My dad loves it when I….

My dad loves mum because…

What my dad does at work:

Word cloud about dad

This is an idea for older kids who are savvy with computers and might not be so interested in getting their hands sticky with glue. A word cloud or wordle is an image made up of words. There are several online wordle generators, like www.edwordle.net that you can use for free to make a word cloud.

The child can go to the site and type in some sentences about their dad. What he likes, what he does, where he likes to go, his favourite food, etc. Then once they have a paragraph or two, they make their wordle and print it out for dad. It can also be used to create printable products like mugs and mouse pads, if you want to make it a bit more permanent.

Breakfast in the shape of dad’s face

Breakfast in bed is a classic for Father’s Day and this idea makes the cooking a bit more fun for your kids. Using the plate as a face shape, they simply arrange the breakfast items in the shape of dad’s face, with eggs for eyes, mushrooms for a moustache, spinach for hair, etc! Your child could plan the breakfast in advance and help you with the shopping for extra learning opportunities.

Comic about dad

Any young artist or fan of Captain Underpants will love the idea of making a comic for dad. This one takes a bit more time and the child might need to start making it a couple of weeks in advance, but it can be a lot of fun. They could think up a character, like a superhero, for dad to become, or it could be a ‘day in the life of dad’ story. The child can illustrate it and write the text or, for younger kids, dictate it to you. Simply staple together a few sheets of paper, provide art materials and be sure to stay available if your child needs help with spelling or ideas.

Painted rock

This one is fun for primary aged kids and can double as a foraging expedition. Take the kids out to the beach or the park to look for a good sized rock. Flat ones are best if you want dad to be able to use it for a paperweight. Then head home and allow them to go crazy with paint. They could design it first on paper if they like – and dad-related art makes this gift the most meaningful. You could go further and buy some magnets to stick to the back of the stones, creating a nice piece of refrigerator art. What better way to show dad he rocks?!

Homemade frame with photo

This idea is nothing new but it is a lasting classic for a reason. Print a photo of your child/children with their dad – a recent one is best – and have them make a frame for it. You can cut out a cardboard frame shape and provide items to stick on, like shells, glitter, sticks and small stones, or they could decorate with felt tip pens. For a bit more of a challenge, they could make the frame from coloured or even recycled iceblock sticks stuck together with a hot glue gun. Obviously for younger children, this will require some adult supervision. The result is a piece of art to remember 2019 by, which will hopefully last for years to come.

We hope these ideas help to inspire you and your children to get making!

Happy Father’s Day!







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