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Welcome to our sKids Centre @ Mount Maunganui Primary School, where the safety and care of your child is our number one priority. If you’re looking for a safe, structured and fun environment for your children then you’ve come to the right place.




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To find out more about the programmes we offer and our opening hours please call or email us.


All fees are based on your booking requirements with full time, part time and casual options available. To find our fees, please visit our bookings on EnrolMy by clicking on the Red “BOOK HERE” Button above. 

All our programmes are OSCAR approved by the Ministry of Social Development and thus parents may be able to apply for Work and Income OSCAR subsidies towards the cost of their childcare.

To learn more about the OSCAR Subsidy, visit our page here for more information.

It’s all about having lots of FUN and your kids will have so much fun at our sKids Centre that they won’t want to leave.

Mount children love playing games with each other, playing outside on playground or sports such as basketball and football. They also love playing group games like tag. Inside they love drawing, colouring, art, lego and imaginative games with the dolls and toys. Paper planes and origami are a huge hit here too. Also dancing like just dance, jump jam and go noodle is a big hit with boys and girls of all ages.
Our children really love competition days where they compete with each other and have overall winners.
Mount sKids stand out by having the same 3 staff for a year, meaning we are building strong relationships. We have a great relationship with the school, the  management, teachers, children and the parents. The children and parents are our best marketing tool as they pass on how much they love sKids to their friends. With me being a teacher aide at the school has helped with this also and parents and children quite often know me before they book their children in.

We run Before School (7am – 8:30am), After School (3.00pm – 6.00pm), and Holiday Programmes (7.00am – 6.00pm).

For more information about our programmes please contact us.