GO GREEN this Halloween ….

October 21, 2020

Going GREEN this Halloween

Halloween is almost here and there’s so much to look forward to. Originating from a Celtic festival, this celebration on October 31 has evolved into dressing up in spooky costumes, trick-or-treating, festive gatherings and of course, indulging in unfathomable amounts of sweets. Whatever way you look at it, this year has been an absolute howler, so Halloween is a perfect excuse to let off a scream and have some fun!

While Halloween has long been celebrated in much of the Western world, in particular the United States and Ireland, it has recently gained popularity in New Zealand. Now that it’s time to start thinking about your costume, we’re here to help, with some ingenious costume ideas all created from recycled rubbish. With so many costumes being made and sold in shops, comes extra waste. Let’s do our part to be kind to the Earth by taking a sustainable stand this Halloween.

Let your imagination run wild and have some fun repurposing bits and pieces from around the house to create a spooktacular masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for a costume that’s funny, heroic or truly terrifying, we’ve got you covered. Throw on one of these costumes and have yourself a green-themed Halloween!

Images sourced from : Pinterest

Rob Ott

Move over Wall-E, there’s a new bot in town. Crafted entirely out of recycled items, kids will love this eco-friendly version. The body, head and arms are made from cardboard and tinfoil — materials everyone can find around the house. Use recycled plastic, old toys and cds for extra flourishes (foil piping for arms and legs optional). Assemble everything and use a hot glue gun to attach each piece securely.

Ghostly appeal

You know that old white sheet hanging around in your cupboard? It’s time to bring it back to life by creating an iconic Halloween look. Drape it over your head and you’re ready to go! Extra points for cutting a ragged edge along the bottom, adding eyes and a mouth or other accessories like white gloves to complete your spooky look.

Go planet!

Test out your papier mâché skills to create a sphere of planet Earth. Add some green continents and water using fabric or paint, cut holes for your arms and legs and you’re ready to go. Afterall, what’s more terrifying than an overheating planet?


Turn yourself into a rain cloud using cotton wool and paper or fabric for the drops of water. The perfect spring weather creation.

Leaf monster

You know all those leaves lying around your backyard? It’s time to put them to good use by turning yourself into the ultimate Mother Nature-inspired costume, the

leaf monster. OK, maybe it’s not the scariest option, but it definitely makes ingenious use of foliage and you’ll win the prize for most creativity with this colourful costume.

Paper scarers

Transform into a ghoul, witch, fairy or even a spooky tree using some old newspapers and a roll of tape. There’s no limit on what you can create with these simple items and your imagination.

Halloween is a time to get together with friends, have some fun and get creative. We hope you enjoy making your own spine-chilling masterpiece, while helping the planet.