Essential Workers - In Home Care, your questions answered |



FAQ’s for Essential workers requiring
In-Home Care from sKids

Can our household have multiple Carers?

  • No. Your Carer must remain the same for the whole 4-week period.

What age group do you cover?

  • 5 to 14 Years

Do your Carers Maintain good hygiene practices (for example cough and sneeze etiquette, hand hygiene)?

  • Yes. Carers have also completed our Online COVID-19 Facts and Preparation training.

Do your Carers Maintain good cleaning practices?

  • Yes. All sKids Carers have been trained in Health and Safety.

What happens if my child/ren becomes unwell?

  • Carers must stay home and you will need to care for your child/ren.

Who do I contact if my child/ren become unwell?

  • Contact the Carer directly and the Carer will contact their Employer.

How will I know if the Carer becomes unwell?

  • The Carer will contact you directly. The Carer will also contact their Employer.

What safety checks as an organization have you put in place in regards to staff?

  • All sKids Carers are Police Vetted and only those with valid clean Police Vetting in line with MSD Level 3 requirement are employed.
  • All Staff have been reference checked and had their ID verification completed.

Will the service be provided in my own home?

  • Yes.

Can your staff provide care for all siblings in my home?

  • Yes.

Can the Carer also look after our children’s friends from another household?

  • No. The services are to be delivered in the home of the essential worker only.

Children are not to be taken to other residences and must be managed according to the Public health requirements for childcare arrangements for children of essential workers”.   These are outlined below:

What is the Carer to child ratio?

  • No more than 8 children per one Carer.
  • No other children outside of the immediate residency are to be cared for. This protects the integrity of the family bubble, reducing chances of transmission.

Will my Carers look after multiple families?

  • No. Only one career per family/residence. This will protect against infection between families of essential workers.

What are the hours of care?

  • Providers, employees and parents will need to negotiate these hours.

What about first aid?

  • Providers will prioritise Carers who have first aid qualifications to ensure best possible service.

Can these services be provided at the local school or my OSCAR premises?

  • No. New Zealand is at Alert Level 4 – this means, schools and OSCAR premises are closed. These services must be delivered in the home of the essential worker.

Can staff stay overnight?

  • No – Carers can work up to 12 hour per day.

Are Carers allowed to travel to my home during the Lock-Down period?

  • Carers may travel between their home and the essential worker’s home as required.

Is there any assessment of the standard of living in the essential worker’s home before entry?

  • Yes, please refer to the checklist developed by sKids re assessment. (to be provided separately)

Who provides hand sanitizer, soap, protective gear for a Carer as required?

  • Essential workers need to ensure Carers have all that is required whilst providing In-Home Care.

Further info can be found here:

Care at home arrangements involve a single Carer (for example, a nanny) coming into a household unit to care for a child/children. In this case, the Carer effectively becomes part of the household’s self-isolating family group.

Please note: For in-home care arrangements with one caregiver working with one family unit (in the child’s home), then the ‘at least 1 metre, ideally 2m metres’ physical distancing is not required. In this scenario the ‘bubble’ is expanded to include both households involved in the care arrangement.