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UPDATE | October 2021 | sKids Covid Safety and Protocols at Level 2

Safety of children and staff is a key sKids goal. sKids wants to assure you about the safety of the children and our team in our onsite programmes.

Due to the Delta strain being in the Auckland community we have very strict guidelines regarding cleaning and contact tracing to keep the health of our sKids and school communities paramount.

Tamariki and Team

  • All sKids team members have completed a September 2021 COVID-19 return to work training module
  • As part of our staff risk assessment, all staff must complete a Return to work survey and can not work onsite if any exposures of risk are presented.  
  • While it is not mandated, our sKids team members may choose to wear a mask indoors at all times and will be provided short breaks outdoors to remove their masks. Masks are provided by sKids to all team members.
  • sKids staff are permitted to remove masks outdoors when safe social distancing is able to be maintained.
  • sKids will ensure all steps are taken to ensure that tamariki and staff are well. There are explicit instructions to not attend if sick or showing any symptoms of Covid-19
  • In the event of a positive Covid-19 test result, sKids will inform the Ministry of Health and the school Principal immediately.
    • If a sKids staff member becomes unwell during their shift they are to go home immediately or isolate until they are able to leave the premises.
    • Any child showing signs or symptoms of illness will be appropriately isolated without creating fear and parents will be called to be collected by the parent/caregiver immediately.
  • During Alert Level 2 incursion providers are limited and some trip days are excluded from the holiday programme.
  • sKids staff are to ensure they keep at least 1m distance to others


  • No parents/caregivers are to enter the sKids room
    • Sign in and sign out will be set up at the entrance door.
    • A contactless option is available for sign in and sign out of children
  • For parents who are unable to use the contactless solution will use the hand sanitizer available prior to signing in /out on the tablet and the tablets will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after each use
  • All parents, caregivers and visitors must wear a mask at all times and practice social distancing at all times.
  • Visitors to the site are restricted. Any visitors will be required to scan the NZ Covid Tracer app or sign a register to ensure mandatory contact tracing can be undertaken.
  • During school holidays children may be collected from the entrance door
  • During term time parents must follow the school safety protocols (e.g. no entry to school grounds).
  • sKids reserves the right to restrict anyone who refuses to follow safety protocols from the site, this is to ensure the safety of our staff and children on site.


  • NZ Covid Tracer app QR code poster is displayed in at least two places for team members, whanau and visitors to use.  We also have a paper-based recording system should people not be able to use the NZ COVID Tracer app.
  • COVID-19 awareness posters will be on display during sKids operating hours
  • All sKids Health and Safety base procedures as well as additional COVID procedures will be in operation.
  • sKids programme site and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned prior to opening and on closing.
  • Equipment will be cleaned daily after use
  • Extra emphasis will be placed on hand-washing before and after activities (especially small group activities)
  • An updated COVID-19 onsite safety checklist is completed for each site prior to any children re-entering the programme
  • All programmes have been provided a COVID-19 RAMS checklist to assist with mitigating any additional potential risk factors

Please refer to the Minstry of Health Covid-19 Page for more information:

Last updated: 4 October 2021
Based on any future alert level changes and guidance from the New Zealand Government, sKids will adjust their procedures, guidelines and requirements accordingly and this page will be republished.