This latest trend ‘Fiver Party Invitation’ sweeping the schoolyard could be a solution for a birthday party that won’t break the bank! Kids love receiving invitations to birthday parties but, for some parents, it can be an expensive exercise to purchase gifts for your children’s friends every few weeks. And for the parents of the birthday child, you are often left with unnecessary plastic toys that add to the clutter in the home, not to

Making mindfulness a part of Family Life

Posted by OpsSupport on  March 1, 2019

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It’s the buzzword of the moment, appearing everywhere from magazines to school classrooms. But what does mindfulness really mean? And when practiced, what benefits can it bring to you and your family?  To debunk some of the myth surrounding mindfulness, we talked to Dr Soph, a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher, whose mission is to spread good quality psychological understanding outside of the therapy room.   What is mindfulness? Dr Soph starts by saying it’s important
Over the past two of weeks we’ve been hearing collective sighs of relief and high fives as kids head back to school, and parents celebrate school holiday survival. While you might be ready to see their backpacks heading out the door, not all kids are feeling excited about their days of freedom and flexibility coming to an end. There will of course be many looking forward to reuniting with friends and getting back into school

Does your family qualify for an OSCAR subsidy?

Posted by Bex Woolfool on  September 18, 2018

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Knowledge is power, and this is never more true than when it comes to accessing financial support for childcare. There are a range of New Zealand subsidies available to help families of children in care at every age, so it pays to find out if you qualify. How much you’ll receive depends on the size of your family, your income, your work hours and how many hours a week your child is in care. If

sKids Milford – Programme Assistants

Posted by OpsSupport on  September 14, 2018

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Our sKids site in Milford is now inviting dynamic and responsible individual for the position of:  – Programme Assistant for our Before School, After School, and Holiday Programmes  The successful candidate will assist the Programme Manager in the implementation of different activities under the sKids Programmes ensuring that children are learning and having fun. The said Programmes operate according to sKids policies and procedures. Duties included but not limited to: Supervise and assist children in