Advertising campaigns might try to tell you otherwise, but there is no need to shell out for another pair of socks or a set of barbecue tools to let your kids’ dad know he is loved. But what to make? Well, there are thousands of homemade gift ideas online, but for some reason a good number of them involve business tie cards and tired old handprint paintings – cute for babies, but we think your
The quest for the perfect eco-friendly lunchbox It can feel overwhelming looking for the perfect lunchbox for your kids. There are so many options out there, from the cheap plastic numbers available at the supermarket to the more pricey bento boxes that can be purchased online or from health and eco shops. But is there a lunchbox out there that will meet all your needs as well as being eco-friendly? Depending on your children’s eating

Top Kids’ Reads for 2019

Posted by Bex Woolfool on  May 14, 2019

Category: BLOG
Top Kids’ Reads for 2019 The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, which means a lot of indoor time ahead. No matter what age or stage your kids are at, this is a great time to get into reading. To find out what the trends are in children’s books this year, we spoke to Dorothy Butler Bookshop’s co-owner Helen Wadsworth. Dorothy Butler Bookshop is an institution in the world of children’s

Jellybeans Music Tutor – Wellington

Posted by Rhianne Blockley on  May 3, 2019

Category: Career
Music Tutors Urgently needed starting asap! Jellybeans Music is looking for new tutors throughout Porirua/ Kapiti area due to the high demand from schools for this exciting in class program. Do you have a passion for music? Do you have a passion for teaching? If you are a creative, energetic and caring person with a passion for working with children, this could be the perfect job for you. Apply now to join us in bringing
This latest trend ‘Fiver Party Invitation’ sweeping the schoolyard could be a solution for a birthday party that won’t break the bank! Kids love receiving invitations to birthday parties but, for some parents, it can be an expensive exercise to purchase gifts for your children’s friends every few weeks. And for the parents of the birthday child, you are often left with unnecessary plastic toys that add to the clutter in the home, not to