Ideas to Get Kids Active

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Jun 13, 2013

sKids focus for Term 1 and 2 is Children's Health & Wellbeing.  Here are some suggestions on how to get children active!

Ideas to get kids active

  • Physical activity options to improve a child’s health and fitness include running, chasing, playing outdoors, skateboarding, bike riding and structured sports such as soccer, footy, swimming and netball.
  • Active transport - A walk-to-school day, cycling to school, or being dropped off on the way to school and walking the remainder
  • Play sport in the backyard – backyard cricket, throw a Frisbee or ball.
  • Ask children what activities they enjoy – encourage them to follow their interests and make activity fun (make a kite and fly it together!)
  • Do some regular activity together as a family to help your children develop a positive attitude towards physical activity
  • When friends come over, play war games in the backyard with light sabres or toy swords. It involves running around, hiding, strategy, teamwork
  • Get the kids to help out with gardening, mowing the lawn and household maintenance. It could be helping to weed, bringing top soil in a wheelbarrow to where it's needed or collecting the sticks from the lawn before mowing
  • Get active during kids' birthday parties eg. bull rush, three-legged relays, egg and spoon races, jumping over a rope, limbo, What's the Time Mr Wolf?, musical cushions and a treasure hunt.
  • Play hide and seek
  • Put up a basketball or netball hoop.
  • Buy play equipment such as a ball on a rope, tennis balls, hula hoops, badminton or a skipping rope
  • Have the children walk the dog together, every day.
  • Use chalk to draw a hopscotch game on the driveway, paving or footpath.
  • Set limits around screen time.

Enjoyment and fun are the key!




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