We can’t recommend sKids highly enough. The staff are fantastic and our daughter loves the sessions and often talks about the teachers and other children at home. She has made a lot friends in the programme. She even loves that they do homework at sKids, because it means she doesn’t have to do it later at home. Initially we tried sKids because being on-site, it was convenient and our daughter could join Skids at 4pm when other after school activities finished. However, it soon became obvious the programme was a better fit for our daughter. The key things in the programme which we love are the structure, the focus on developing social skills and the individual attention each child receives. Together these things have resulted in our daughter being less tired and better behaved, and she has stopped complaining about being bored, which was an issue with her previous programme.

We have been really impressed by the responsiveness of the teachers who are really attuned to the children and what is going on at school. JP is constantly adapting the programme to accommodate the particular interests of the children, or to work in with what is being taught in school. No other programme is this dynamic and while we initially thought too much proximity to school might be a bad thing, it has turned out to be a real advantage. We have been equally impressed with the before school programme which we’ve used on occasion, and the holiday programme which our daughter now regularly attends.

- Richard & Danae Begg

Fees are based on your attendance requirements. For a copy of the full fee schedule, please email the programme owner at belmont@skids.co.nz

Our programme is CYFS approved and OSCAR subsidies are available. It is worthwhile to visit this page to determine your eligibility: https://www.workandincome.govt.nz/products/a-z-benefits/childcare-subsidy.html You might just be surprised! Do get in touch with if you need any further assistance on 022 173 7289 or belmont@skids.co.nz


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