Our after school care programme

"We grow AWESOME kids!"

Your children will have so much fun at our sKids programme that they won’t want to leave.

Our wonderful team of programme assistants will:

  • provide a variety of healthy breakfast and afternoon tea
  • help them with their home work (be it reading, spelling, writing or basic facts)
  • freeplay with them (some of the all time favourites include: ball tag, Marco Polo, Piggy-in-the-middle)
  • engage them in a fun activity.

You can rest assured that your children will have the time of their lives while you pursue your careers and interests.

We are based at Belmont Rose Centre and as it’s on the Belmont Primary school ground, we are very fortunate and grateful to be given access to use the school playgrounds, field and courts!

Our daily afterschool care format includes:

3pm - 3.30pm We collect juniors from their classes and those children from the middle and senior schools can meet us outside Belmont School library. We will all walk back to the Rose Centre together by 3.10pm. Children wash their hands and enjoy a healthy afternoon tea.

3.30pm - 4.30pm Workshops & Special Activities

  • Monday Robotics with BrainPlay
  • Tuesday FoodStorm Cooking
  • Wednesday Circus with 3 Ring Riot
  • Thursday Jellybeans Music
  • Kids Choice Friday

4.30pm - 5pm Surpervised freeplay

5pm - 5.30pm Homework help with reading, spelling & basic facts

5.30pm - 6pm Small group activity until parent arrives.

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