Sherpa Kids – A Management Franchise operating in the childcare industry is seeking Country Master Partners across the globe.

As an international company we are operating in over 200 schools supported by over 100 franchisees servicing over 3500 families.

Sherpa Kids is a school based childcare business.  Sherpa Kids services include aftercare, holiday care and before school care as well as sports programmes and cooking programmes. The services are managed by franchisees who employ staff to directly operate on school properties. Services are staffed by qualified personnel who meet minimum standards as prescribed by the brand as well as International Best Practice.  Each franchisee may operate multiple, closely located and similar profiled schools.

Currently operational in  New Zealand (sKids), Australia, South Africa, Ireland, England, Canada and soon to launch in India and Middle East.

The Sherpa Kids model:

Our model is simply the ‘everyone wins’ paradigm, and there are numerous audiences that benefit from Sherpa Kids franchises. These include:

  • Families - managing time/stress and priorities through reduced fragmentation of out of school hours care
  • Schools - supporting them through educationally beneficial outsourcing and with a solution that allows principals and teachers to focus on their core function
  • Children - improvement of self-esteem through improved results and social benefits
  • Communities - the collection of all the positive benefits together with providing jobs/business opportunities for local suppliers/entrepreneurs
  • Teachers - potential career-pathing post teaching careers

Who we are looking for

Sherpa Kids are looking for individuals who have the capability to develop and manage a Country / Regional Master Franchise territory. The individual(s) will need a business background in management and a resume of work history that supports working with people in a team environment while achieving success. A marketing or sales background is helpful, but not essential.  This is a people business, and the most successful partners care about helping others achieve success.  Be capable to develop a significant franchise network.

  • Be a good communicator
  • Be confident to grow a business via franchise sales (over 100)
  • Be willing to travel
  • Be an advocate for change and be prepared to work with government departments.
  • Be people focussed
  • Have access to at least AU$250,000.

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