Give your child the opportunity to learn cooking skills that will last a lifetime!

When you enrol your child in FoodStorm, not only will they learn about the fundamentals of healthy eating, but they will also learn how to cook 12 essential recipes – a skill which will last a lifetime. Not only will you see a boost in their self-esteem, but their confidence will skyrocket in the kitchen – you might even be able to let them make the evening meal and have a night off cooking!

FoodStorm’s key focus is fun, simplicity, healthy eating and resourcefulness. To underline the importance of healthy eating, the 12 recipes have been developed to meet Heart Foundation guidelines. With recipes such as Kaboom Curry, Surfie Fish Pie and Colonel Cluck’s Scrambled Eggs, kids who participate will have a blast cooking up a FoodStorm with sKids.

The importance of cooking and eating healthy

Studies have shown that there are clear links between knowing how to prepare, cook and serve food and making healthy food choices. So with New Zealand’s alarming obesity statistics, it’s more important than ever that children learn to cook. This year the government rolls out its childhood obesity plan which includes initiatives to increase health education in schools.

Healthy by design

FoodStorm has been designed by LittleCooks duo Suzi Tait-Bradly and Bex Woolfall. Motivated by the belief that knowing how to cook is a vital life skill and a birthright of all Kiwi kids, the pair has been teaching kids how to cook since 2012. In 2014 their children’s cookbook, Piggy Pasta & More Food with Attitude, published by Scholastic, was selected as one of The New Zealand Listener’s top 50 children’s books for 2014, won a Gourmand International children’s cookbook award and a Storylines notable book honour. LittleCooks’ recipes have also featured several times in New Zealand Herald’s Bite magazine.

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