Answers to some questions that you might have

Do you have a set timetable?

Yes, it is:

3.00 Children arrive, roll call, track missing children, toilet, hands washed, afternoon tea

3.30 Homework supervision

4.00 Outside play if weather suitable, or indoor organised play

4.30 Structured planned activity linked to module or theme

5.30 Clean up. Quiet activities

What are the structured planned activities?

These vary with the day of the week:

Monday - Art & Craft

Tuesday - Music & Drama

Wednesday - Sport

Thursday - Technology

Friday - Fun Day

What are the staff-to-pupil ratios?

The staffing ratio varies for different types of activity. They are as follows:

Normal on-site programme 1:10

Excursions / off site activities 1:6

Water based activities 1:4

What if I am late picking my child up?

We are open until 6.00 p.m. daily.

We have a late pick up fine policy of one dollar per minute between 6.00 and 6.30 p.m.; however, at no time will a child be left waiting alone. Therefore, if your child is not picked up by 6.30 p.m. and staff are unable to contact noted caregivers the child will be taken to the local police station.

Can I send a friend/relative along to pick up my child?

ONLY if they have been pre-notified in writing in advance of approved people. You can also notify us specifically of unapproved people.

Do you provide food for the children?

Yes. Afternoon refreshments usually consist of a sandwich or bread roll, slices of fruit and a drink. There may be alternatives served at the manager's discretion, e.g. if the module being used that week is 'Fish' the children may be given fish and chips or sushi. If your child has any food allergies or you have any requests, instructions or questions regarding food, please include them on your enrolment form and contact your programme manager.

My child requires medication.

Please fill in the portion of the enrolment form pertaining to the taking of medication, and whether it is to be administered by the staff of by the child. We require medication taking to be sighted and signed off by staff at all times. Please discuss all relevant information with the manager of the programme and repeat if there is a new manager or staff.
Please ask for a copy of the policy "Children Carrying Medication."

Do you run special outings?

Yes. During school holidays and after school your local sKids Centre will from time to time take the children on special outings away from the base site. The children will be transported to their destination by one of the following means: Walking, bus, taxi or approved van
(In some cases e.g. holiday programmes, this may also involve a ferry / boat trip).

The children will walk in pairs. There will be additional staff present, the ratio being determined on assessment of the outing but usually at 1:6.
Parents will be notified prior to the event happening and a sign informing parents of group whereabouts and contact numbers will be posted on the door of the usual venue.

How do you deal with behavioural problems?

sKids behaviour management procedures are in line with OSCAR approved procedures and are similar to primary school policy. These are documented and available for you to view in the on site folder.

These are in place to ensure our environment is a safe and happy place. We maintain an emphasis on being polite, considerate and co-operative. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a child's enrolment if there are unresolved behaviour issues.

My child has special needs

Please discuss with the programme manager prior to enrolment if your child has a disability or a special need. The more information you supply to us concerning your child's needs, the better informed and prepared we are able to be in providing effective and adequate care.

The ability of any particular programme to accommodate the needs of your child is determined by the requirements of your child, the facilities available, and qualifications and availability of staff associated with that particular programme.

We are proud that in most cases we are able to accommodate a variety of needs. Please be aware that a trial period may be required for assessment purposes; this will be done jointly by the sKids Centre Manager and Area Manager to ensure that your child's needs are being met adequately. All effort and support will be forthcoming from members of the sKids organisation.

Are your staff trained?

Our staff under go a recruitment and training process that involves:

Recruitment Interview
Reference checks
Justice Department checks

Our training include:

First Aid
Occupational Safety and Health
Behaviour Management
Food Safety

sKids systems
Performance reviews

All sKids Centres comply with all relevant health and safety in employment legislation.

Can my child do their homework at SKIDS?

Yes, we designate a time for this activity to occur. The management and staff of sKids Centres will assist and supervise but will not complete your children's homework.

What are the fees?

Fees vary depending on your booking requirements - please contact your local sKids Centre for details.

To secure the part time and full time rates full payment of fees must be received in advance or you will be charged the casual rate. Please note we do not take fees on-site, some centres have credit card or eftpos facilities.


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